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nero video transcoded video bad quality

I am trying to create a DVD of a TV series. I've set up an intro video and a main menu, where the chapters are different episodes. When I watch the various episodes from within Nero Video, they look great, but when I burn the disc, the transcoded videos are of very poor quality, although the intro video is fine. They're kind of blurry. I can see the poor quality while they are being transcoded. How can I fix this?

Thank you.
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    Hi Lou,
    It depends on the settings you have in the recording format options, and the overall size of your videos.

    One suggestion is to disable "SmartEncoding" and set "Fit to disc" which would allow Nero Video to adjust the quality of the encoding to attempt to get the best result to fit on a DVD disc.

    To disable "SmartEncoding" go to the options as per the example:
    (You may be using PAL instead of NTSC - that shouldn't really matter.)

    You can also try adjusting other settings for the transcoding quality ...

    Adjusting options such as "Motion-adaptive deinterlacing"
    Quality Setting to "Automatic (fit to disc)"
    Encoder quality fine tuning set all the way to 100
    Encoding mode: "High Quality (2-Pass VBR)"

    All of those settings can make a difference.

    However, if you have "too many" video files trying to cram onto one DVD, then the quality will be adjusted down to fit the disk.

    In order to save wasting discs ... you could choose different settings to experiment, and while still retaining the "Fit to disc" setting and turning off "SmartEncoding" ... when it comes to the "burn" screen, choose to output your result to the Computer hard drive option instead for testing purposes.

    Select "Write to Hard Disk Folder"

    That will create the DVD structure on your computer that you can play as if it were a DVD.

    Then, whichever settings work out the best ... next time you burn the project, select the output to the DVD burner to create the DVD disc.
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  • Thank you. That seems to be it. Now I'll have to decide on quality/number of episodes per disc.

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