NERO 2014 will not install can not access Nero.controcenterhelpchm.msi

Install of Nero fails asking for path to Nero.controcenterhelpchm.msi and that this path cannot be found: C:\Windows\TEMP\{3E3A6B75-8883-46C1-AE37-D0E0C03D43EA}\{C994C746-C6D0-4EBA-B09E-DF7B18381B69}\12.0.7000\
I also got an Error 1714. The older version of Nero ControlCenter Help (CHM) cannot be removed.
I am on windows 8.1 with windows media installed. I downloaded the install file twice and no change. I moved the existing CHM files and it made no difference. I ran install as admin and again no change. I disabled my Norton AV and again no change. I had iTOK (Nero's free install help) try and install another download package and it fail-they gave up. Not sure what to do now? Will Nero help please.
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