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Nero 9, Windows Media Player & Lightscribe Labeling

I recently bought a new PC & external Lightscribe Drive. A disc for Nero 9 came with it. I burned a CD using Windows Media Player. These are the steps I've taken to try to print a Lightscribe label:

1. From Nero Essentials, I click Create & Edit. Then click Create a Lightscribe Label.
2. Nero Cover Designer comes up, with a box that says Document Data. On the left-hand side, it lists, File System Data, Audio/Chapter Data & Video/Picture Data.
3. Click on Audio/Chapter Data, & it asks me to Add (the number of) Tracks.
4. Once I've done that, I then add the names of the tracks, the artist & the run times.
But when I hit OK, Nero Cover Designer only shows the disc name, & that's all that burns on the CD.
How do I print the names of the songs on the CD using Nero?
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    If you're trying to burn a label directly onto the physical CD, you need the full version of v9. I recommend that you look into Nero 2014 or 2014 Platinum. You can get a deep discount using your v9 as leverage.

    You can also download the trial version of Nero 2014. CoverDesigner is downloaded separately.

    There's an easier way to do what you want to do if you have a full version. You could import your files or the CD into Burning Rom, Audio Cd. Then you can get the meta data for each selection from GraceNote. You can then go to CoverDesigner directly from Burning Rom and, once you select the type of information on the disc label, it will be filled in automatically. You can then print the lightscribe label. You can then return to Burning Rom and burn the audio, assuming you started with the files on your hard drive..
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    Hi Yolande

    next to what Wither's suggesting, I think you just are missing one step in youre creating prcoess.

    So, you've filled in the document data (either coming from Burning ROM or enter them manually in) and then hitting OK. Now you must ensure the data is showing up in CoverDesigner:

    On the left hand you shall see some small icons. Hover over the icons. One of them is the track list toolbox.

    Insert the toolbox anywhere you like - and you're track titles etc. are showing up.
    Here's a screenshot showing the document data I've entered and the appearance in CoverDesigner in the tracklist toolbox

    Of course you can also edit the style, color etc of the track text - just double click on the inserted tracklist and the window "Properties" is opened > "Tracks"

    (Here I've changed the track number to green and verdana)

    Hope this helps with the creation process?
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