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I’m super confused and wasted time

nero cover designer which doesn't tell you how to print directly on my cd's on my color epson ignored unlike lightscribe users so HELP!

How am I supposed to know which Epson cd printer of the list of 20 I should chose since they only list epsons that don't print directly on the cds... I mean what would be the most important Epson printer to list in the choices but the few models that ACTUALLY PRINT ON THE CD's which is part of the versatility many people buy them for. FYI I have an Epson Artisan, I'm quite sure the model doesn't matter because I've had 3 and the tray has been the same for 5 years but my current one is artisan 837. I can't believe that in the help of the program or the online faqs and manuals and even the 80 page pdf for the program NONE even list what to choose to print on CDs which is seems is what the whole program is designed for because as most people know after a number of years most label printed and applied discs become offset and then make the cd unplayable so direct print like the information they have for lightscribe listed in these places is obvious as is the 2nd most lasting method or small biz professional method is printing on the cd. The only thing is I found even searching for the words cd and print was here in the forum thankfully. I understand it's free, but still, why bother with the program if the fundamental reason for it's use considering how many printers they list which will only do temporary half jobs people won't be happy with as opposed the the main point of printing on the cd, why put it out there at all? I thought it came with nero 12 plat considering the cost so after I had purchased it I wanted to stick with it and printing on CDs has always been a major use for purchasing a burning package instead of a software. Sorry for the outlets but I've spent 3 hours searching until I finally found in the forum 1 reference someone else had about printing on a canon on regular labels no less. Yes unless you buy big name brand labels like neatos I learned 10 years ago before cd printers became so cheap you'll have to create your own template which a novice will not be able to do.

So again, does anyone out there that prints color directly on their cds for a small biz or pleasure I guess like the lightscribe users who are taken care of in the software help me out and tell me which Epson to choose as I'm pretty sure none of the others listed print on cds. Thank you wonderful nero-compatriates for helping others who paid so much and want everything they expected! :)
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