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I’m frustrated

Nero Video 14: where did manually adding chapter stops go?

Ok, this is a real dealbreaker. In Nero Video 12, I can open a video, edit it and insert chapter stops where I see fit. I have the option to do scene detection in Nero 14 (where it finds -1- in a 2 hour setup) and I want to insert them after each song (this is a concert performance). I can't even find where such an option is, and the manual is not very helpful.. has this been eliminated?

The manual contends that:

Click the Add chapter button.

That would be really easy.. exactly like Nero Video 12.. if I actually had a "chapter button" anywhere on the screen, in any mode (express or advanced) but I have no such button that looks familiar.

I have one other big hitch as well: I'm used to being able to place menus and have them be menus.. but when I chose any of the menus I want (specifically the 'old movie' or 'Retro Movie/Jazz') it changes my video to Black and White/Greyscale, which is absolutely not what I want. I just want an intro to note my chapter stops (if I could actually create them)

What's the deal?
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