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NeroCmd.exe --discinfo disc-type output

We're using NeroCmd.exe from Nero 2016 Standard. Does anyone know all the disc-type string formats that are output by NeroCmd --discinfo? We are mainly interested in distinguishing basic types (DVD vs BD) and capacities, not all the specific types (e.g., DVD+R vs -R vs RW).

So far I have "DVD?R" for DVD+R and DVD-R, and "DVD?R DL" for double-layer discs, plus "BD-R" for 25GB Blu-ray and "BD-R TL" for 100GB Blu-ray, but I don't have samples of all the different size Blu-ray disc sizes available right now. I'm guessing that 50GB might end with "XL" or "DL" and 128GB might end with "QL".

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