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NeroVision 10 video export to AVCHD failing as of August 2015.

NeroVision 10's video export has broken down as of August. I have been trying to export to AVCHD format (using MP4 videos), but the export either:

1) Processes completely but only shows the audio. Video is black
2) The export times out.
3) Not enough system resources are available to perform this action

Until August, everything worked fine. From June - July I did start to get more and more of #3, but it was never truly an issue. I've tried the following steps to fix this:

1) Cleared out HDD space - My 1TB HDD was down to under 100GBs in August. I've got it up to 260GB.
2) Defragged the hard drive - twice (the second time immediately after the first)
3) Updated the video driver for the display adapter (ATI Radeon HD 4200)
4) Uninstalled Nero 10, then reinstalled and updated to latest version.

So far there has been no change. Exports will work if I try a lesser quality format, but AVCHD is almost always a no go now (exports with small Quicktime clips have worked). As stated, my Windows 7 64bit machine could previously handle AVCHD exports without issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying for over four months to get this to work.
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