NeroVision - "not room on disc", despite there being (!)

I'm running NeroVision 5, version

An occurring problem has been popping up the last couple of months, namely for no reason I get "there isn't enough space on the disc" after converting the files.

Here's an example:

- I load 4 45 min episodes of something in. -> problem comes
- I delete one of them AND put in a new disc -> problem comes again
- I get frustrated and try to burn only one episode -> STILL "not enough space"
- I try to burn something with longer running time -> fine (????)

I have tried this over the last months, with numerous different filetypes/series/lengths/discs.

Just today I made a four volume comp. Disc 1 burned fine. Disc 2, despite being the same length didn't. I removed half the files on vol 2, but still got "not enough room on disc".

Any help????? :(
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