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No video displayed when importing .mkv video files

Hello, I just recently got Nero Platinum 2014, and I am running into a problem when trying to import .mkv files into Nero Video as well as Nero Recode. After importing, in the small and large preview screens, I am not seeing any video, however the audio from the video file is present. This is only the case for .mkv files, as I have tried importing .mp4 videos files with audio and video accounted for in the preview windows.

I have tried to use Nero Recode to convert the .mkv video files into .mp4 video files as a way to work around the issue, but I am met with the same problem of a loss of video, while the audio is unaffected.

I am sure that all of my Nero software is up to date as I have run the updater a few times just to make sure, and I have also verified that my .mkv video files are able to play with audio and video with VLC media player.

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