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One or more folders are already used in a sync job

Just upgraded to Nero 2014 Platinum and having problems with BackItUp. When I try and create a sync job, I receive an error message stating, "One or more folders are already used in a sync job: (shows my folders) Please choose other folders." I tried this with Nero 2012 installed, has the same error, and now uninstalled Nero 2012, and am having the same problem. What is going on? How do I fix this?
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  • If you go to manage jobs, are any jobs shown?

    My experience when installing a new version of Backitup is that it will inherit the jobs created using the previous version. You end up having to remove the old backups in the previous version but, since you uninstalled v12-

    I'm at a disadvantage right now because I reinstalled v9 through v14 and haven't set up any backup jobs so I not sure which folder the backup/sync jobs are in-

    C:\Users\"user Name"\AppData\Roaming\Nero\Nero Backitup or .......AppDATA\Local..................

    There should be a Files folder and a Cache folder. If there is anything in those folders, you could delete it. That should delete any references to previous synch jobs.

    Backitup in v12 has more options than in the Backitup 2014, in regards to doing Backups and sync jobs. Unless you don't need v12 for other things and don't need the additional Backitup options, I would reinstall v12 and use it.
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