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Organize folders with files, burn data to CD

I have a series of folders each with data files. How do I use Nero to create a data CD listing the folders and the files in each folder? I did not make a test disk, but it appears to me that the folders do not have the files listed (tree) as they appear on my hard drive. The folders appear to be separate from all the files. I have Nero Platinum 2016 and Windows 10 64-bit OS. Lightscribe discs are too expensive and not easily located to waste on mistakes.
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  • You can use Nero Express or Burning Rom for this.

    Open Nero Express and select Data, Data CD. In the compilation screen, click on Add, Files. Drag and drop the folders you want to burn to the compilation area and burn.

    However, maybe I'm not understanding exactly what you want. You mentioned LightScribe which is a type of disc on which you can burn a label created with something like CoverDesigner. Are you wanting something that appears on the label or does my first answer solve your problem?
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