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I’m annoyed at nero burning rom.

Out of Memory? (Are you kidding me!)

My PC Specs.
Fresh Copy Windows 10 v1709
Ryzen 1700
32GB RAM. About 26 GB free.
512GB SSD. Free 465Gb
4TB. Free 2.2TB

I just bought the nero platinum 2018 package. I had Nero Burning Rom running fine, I was doing a Nero Disc Span (I set it to not split files unnecessarily)

My data compilation was 426.4 GB total. Burning them all to 25GB blue ray discs by HP. No issues with the discs at all.

I was burning all blue ray discs, finally on disc 18 it asked me to put in the final disc (#19), I get a popup "Out of Memory" message.

I quickly loaded up task manager to find Nero 32bit chewing 1.32GB ram.

Both hard drives still had a pile of extra space. I had a swear word moment, clicked ok and nero crashed. It crashed just before burning the last blue ray disc. like wtf!

So how is it Nero is out of memory?

What can I do?

To be honest, I was using a free burning program called CDBURNERXP before purchasing nero. After this issue, I'm seriously thinking about going back.

Nero, do you have a 64 bit download of Nero Burning rom? Can I remove my newly purchased nero package and install a 64 bit package to prevent out of memory.

How can we troubleshoot this? I'd like some sincere answers because I'm completely NOT out of memory.
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