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patent activation not working on my new pc

Please activate my nero platinum 14 white serial 9040-018A-4K74-A36A-LZ9A-U48H-U355-2TUW i habe by a new pc and i have yet installed onmy pc but the patent activation not work I habe it by legely from e nero store on 09/12/2013 witch order
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  • Hi delcloo-

    Did you uninstall v14 from your old computer? When you installed v14 on the new system, it should have asked why you were doing that since you can only install on one computer and activate the patents. If it did, one should select the option that it's a permanent transfer, or words to that effect.

    Send an e-mail to Include your serial number and an explanation. They should be able to reset it for you.
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