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Poor chapter marker handling in Nero Video - should be added to the product.

Nero Video employs a top-down approach when it comes to video processing:
1) create project
2) add clips
3) edit clips
4) export to DVD or BluRay

However, you cannot do the reverse:
- edit clip
- export clip to disc-ready format (eg. ready for DVD or BluRay)
- edit clip
- export clip ...
- etc.

- create disc project
- import clips prepared in previous step
- burn

When would you do this? For example, when handling material that would both be exported to DVD as well as a (separate, of course) BluRay.

The biggest issue is that Nero Video does not allow the import and export of chapter markers. So, if you spend quite a bit of time on a video clip (because it is complex) and export it, your chapter markers are not retained.

Nero Video should allow the embedding of chapter markers, or at the very least allow the export and import of the chapter markers into projects.

This allows reduction of editing time and reuse of clips into multiple DVDs/BluRay projects.
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