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PPT to MP4 (PowerPoint to HD Video)

I have Nero 2014 Platinum and Windows 7 Pro 64-bits. When it comes to convert PowerPoint presentation (ppt file, MS Office 2003) to full HD mp4 video (1920x1080) Nero Video 2014 is useless and free MS MovieMaker is much better. Why is so? It make no sense to me.
First importing ppt takes time, converted to mpg (in my case 720x576 (PAL)) video, then export is very slow, visible video is 720x576 with black borders to full video size of 1920x1080. Every slide has a lot of text which is now not clear and very often not readable.
I tried the same thing with MovieMaker, encoding is 3-4 times faster to mp4 (1920x1080 with H.264 video codec) but usable video is about 1280x720 (video mode 720p) rest to 1080p are black borders. But this video has clear text and this video is usable.
If Nero Video 2014 can convert presentation to only SD (Standard definition), 720x576 (PAL, Europe) or 720x480 (NTSC, North America) then it is useless for this job and you should warn people of this. Or there is workaround?
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