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I’m frustrated

problem with characters with diacritics (ž, č, ć, đ...)


I am using Nero Burning ROM version 12. When I record a DVD-ROM (ISO) compilation it seems that Nero does not record characters with diacritics in file and folder names correctly. For example a file with name "Režije.xls" (note the letter with diacritic - ž) becomes "Re×ije.xls" in the recorded disc (or disc image). A folder "Tehnički uređaji" (note two letters with diacritics - č and đ) becomes "TehniŔki ure­aji" etc... Note however that Nero does display the file/folder names correctly in its own window.

Compilation properties: DVD-ROM (ISO) / ISO tab / File system: ISO 9660:1999

Please help with advice.

Thank you.

best regards from Croatia
Igor Pejić
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