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Problems with ControlCenter, after upgrading Nero platinum 2018 to Nero 2019

I wanted to know how to solve a problem, which appeared now in Nero 2018, where ControlCenter no longer appears in the anew menu of Windows 10 and when we open Nero and we tighten in controlcenter it did not open more, everything happened after I made the new updates of the Nero 2019, of the day 06/09/2018, when it was downloading the updates in half appeared a warning that the system did not find the location, and I pressed again to update and then downloaded everything and started to install more in the middle of the installation of updates Windows Restarted twice and after that, the Nero ControlCenter logo disappeared in the Windows Start menu and the same controlcenter does not work and does not open within the Nero 2018, I want to know if I reistalando everything will have again all the updates that I installed last year , this year and this new one of Nero 2019 that I did and Nero ControlCenter ran again or I do another way will solve without having to reistaller all Nero 2018?
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  • when you click on controlcenter, it does not open, only a box with these words appears, c / program files (x86) / nero / nero controlcenter / ncc.exe failed to initialize the application due to incorrect side-by-side configuration. see the application event log or use the sxstrace.exe command line for more information, I've done what you asked for and it did not work out, I want to know if I'll uninstall I'll get all the updates from last year to the latest updates from now nero 2019, that's all, because the notification of windows every day says that nero has new updates so that this controlcenter no longer works and does not open, where low nero platinum complete with its updated content packs?
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