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Purple Screen when Previewing Video (Not Editing)

My Nero Video 2016 just stopped working after I updated to the latest available Core Component from Nero Control Panel. When I try to preview the video, the screen is completely purple, no error diag is present or anything just purple. The video is playing correctly with VLC and Windows Films and TV, I've tried a couple different video files and it's still purple screen.

I'm running Windows 10 64-bit Build 10586.218
Nero Video Version 17.0.13000
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  • If you notice, the display of the file in the media area (to the right of the viewing screen) is also black so it's not rendering thumbnails either.

    I don't think it has anything to do with it but you probably want to checkmark the box on the lower right hand side of the screen to "never use black thumbnails".

    Go to the Options, Application Settings. In the Editing tab, make sure the box to enable Nero background rendering is checkmarked. It shouldn't make any difference since you said there was no problem while editing. It's just a shot in the dark.
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