Re-install nero2014 platinum after hard drive replaced.

I installed nero2014 platinum on 2 laptops last year.
Have had to replace hard drive on 1 machine.
Now want to re-install nero (from backup cd I purchased from you).
Can I do so, no problem?
Do I use the same serial number as previous installation or do I need a new one?
Do I need to clear something at your end first so you don't think I'm trying to install on more than 2 machines?
Please advise what to do. Thanks.
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  • Hi Erin,
    I'm not a Nero employee, so can't speak for them officially, but in general, you need one licence / serial number for each active copy of the software, so if you have 2 copies active, you need a serial number for each copy. i.e. One serial number for one copy and a different serial number for the other copy.

    You should be able to re-install any particular copy up to 5 times (due to having a new computer, hard disc failure, software issues etc)

    If you exceed 5 times, the software will be "locked".

    You can then email to explain the issue, and they would generally reactivate the serial number for you.

    So ...

    Long story, short: you should be fine re-installing the software if you have a valid serial number for that copy.

    If you have lost the serial number for that copy ... you can email

    They may be able to locate your serial numbers from their database - based on your email address or the other serial number that you have on the other copy.

    (The serial number is found in the Nero ControlCenter - under the serial number section.)

    It should be 39 characters long (including the hyphens).

    If your disk to reinstall has an issue, you can download the software from the web again from :

    Nero 2014 Platinum

    This download is the full installer of Nero 2014 Platinum.
    You will need your Nero 2014 Platinum serial number for unlocking this version.

    Your first four digits of your serial are either 9040- or 1040-.

    Version Details (Nero2014-15.0.06800.exe)
    Version : 15.0.06800
    Release Date : Wed 18 Dec 2013
    File Size : 274.38 MB (287,704,232 B)
    MD5 Checksum : d09ce5948226e09743da57710f19ab05

    Download both the Platinum software and the content pack.

    Nero 2014 Platinum Content Pack

    This download is the Content Pack for Nero 2014 Platinum.
    The Content Pack enhances the applications Nero Video and Nero MediaHome (slideshows only) with additional templates for theme packs, disc menus, sample audio and video files, special effects, transition effects, etc.

    The Content Pack is offered as a separate download in order to keep the download size of the Nero 2014 Platinum installer small.

    Note: Nero 2014 Platinum must be installed first before starting the installation of Nero 2014 Content Pack.

    Version Details (Nero2014_ContentPack2014-15.0.00200.exe)
    Version : 15.0.00200
    Release Date : Wed 18 Sep 2013 12:00:00 AM CEST
    File Size : 763.19 MB (800,265,168 B)
    MD5 Checksum : 32e26a5c7b6601c4dd861ebdbfd5b8c0

    Install the Platinum part first, then the content pack after that.
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