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RECODE - Want to remove region code and burn new disc

I have a problem with NERO RECODE. I have DVDs that are Region Code 2, PAL System discs. RECODE does a great job of "recoding" them into NTSC DVDs but when I play them on Region Code 1 only players the discs error. It appears the Region Code carried over with the RECODE. The whole goal was to recode these discs so they could be viewed by family here in the USA. Is there a way of ridding these discs of the region code/ I was under the impression that NERO made region code free discs.
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  • Hi Matt,
    My understanding is that if you create a DVD DVD-Video using Nero Video, that it is burned "region free" ... i.e. no region is set, but you can choose PAL of NTSC mode in the recording Format Options.

    What I am not sure about is if you choose the NTSC mode for a particular country from the mode drop-down list ... in your case "United States [NTSC]" ... if that will set the region to "1" or still leave the region code blank?

    Perhaps a Nero expert will advise us?
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