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Register nero problem

I have nero video premium HD. After install everything I register my product and it asking me checking my internet and fire wall, which my internet are fine and I try turn off my fire wall and it keep saying "trying again or remind me later" FYI.. I'm currently running window 10 right now since I just update my window from previous window 7 I have no problem at all.
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  • this is a little complicated because your version isn't supported in Win 10. However, that is a common problem and the advice to try again later might be the best advice. However, you would probably need to wait several days.

    It also could be that the patents need to be reactivated. Send an e-mail to Include your serial number. If tech support sees that is the problem then they'll activate the patents. If not, they'll let you know but I doubt they'll tell you how to resolve it.
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