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removal of nero 2018

Hi Guys, is there any way i can do a 100% clean of nero 2018 from my hard drive, Thanks
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  • I don't think you can ever remove every remnant of software, including Nero, from the registry unless you do a clean install of the OS.

    After uninstalling it from Control Panel, you could then run something like Revo or CCleaner on both the system and the registry. They still won't get everything because there's hundreds, possibly thousands of entries without the word "Nero" in them.

    Places to check to see if everything is removed from the system, less the registry, are below but I won't guarantee that's all of them-

    C:\Programs (x86)\Nero and \Common Files\Nero.


    C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Roaming\Nero

    C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Local\Nero and \Nero_AG folders.

    Of course there's Nero folders in C:\Users\"your user name"\Documents or \My Documents. I didn't look at Libraries but in that same path except without \Documents, there will be remnants of files placed in various other folders but most of them won't be files required by Nero.

    Doing all this removal assumes you also don't want any other version of Nero. In that case, I wouldn't run something like Revo or CCleaner since one really has to know exactly which files are required by a particular version. I also wouldn't willy nilly delete the folders I mentioned for the same reason.
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