Rinstallation with Nero Reinstallation with Nero 10 Platinum and also Theme Packs.

Since I uninstalled Nero 10 Platinum HD due to a dying drive and reinstalled on an new machine, I have nothing with issues with Older software such as NERO the 7 "Theme Packs" I previously purchased for NERO Photo Show 4.0. I also had issues with reinstalling ver.10 platinum HD on my new machine. I have finally removed it awaiting you complete and thorough instructions to reinstall it on my new machine. You provided a link to update the reinstalled ver.10 files, but caused some issue by adding icons to my desktop which never appeared before ???

I then tried to install my prior "Theme Paks" (with licenses) and they never appeared on the desktop or via the ver 10. What happened. I made sure my Viruscide was shut down duing the installation.I have been a NERO client since 2006 and generally never had such difficulty. You previously sent me a link to update my reinstallation of ver 10 HD, but it was cleaned out when I removed my reinstallation of VER.10hd. As for my 7 "Theme Packs are they usable with ver.10 hd?

Please provide the necesseary links to the proper installation software and updates.
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