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I’m confused and frustrated.

Serial number not provided for recent purchase of Nero 7

I lost my system a while back and found a backup taken with Nero 7. So I purchased Nero 7 off the website and downloaded the software. When I tried to install it I was asked for a serial number which was not provided. I have requested help from both Technical Support and Customer Support but they said they do not support the old versions. I am confused, why did they sell me software that needs a serial number to install but not give me one. Please help.
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  • Hi Kirk,
    Was it where you saw the message on the Nero Downloads page for older versions that says:

    Original Nero 7 Update Download
    Nero Download Service. (For current Nero 7 users only. You must already own the full version of Nero 7)


    Perhaps it does not make it clear that downloading that old version requires you to have the serial/licence number for the software already on hand.

    Nero does not officially support versions prior to version 10.

    The most recent version is Nero 2015 (Nero 2016 due out soon probably)

    Hopefully, you didn't spend very much to buy that old version.

    I think you may have a case to negotiate with Nero for a special discount to have that money taken off if you decided to purchase a newer version.

    HOWEVER .... the newer version may not recognize the old backup created by version 7.

    I'm no expert on Nero Backups, but there are other forum members who might be able to give you some good advice about recovering files from the old backup.

    It would depend on the type of backup, if it was a file type, or a system type of backup.

    I think some formats of nero backup files can even be renamed to .zip and opened by WinZip or WinRar for example, that could give you access to the files stored in them.

    However, it depends on how the backup was created.

    If you wait for some of the forum "gurus" to add to this thread, you might get some ideas on how to proceed.
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  • He should just contact tech support to get his money back since, as mentioned, you already need to own v7, which means you have a serial number.

    He would need Nero 7 and a system that is Nero 7 is compatible with to restore that backup. There are all kinds of free versions out there but it's a jungle since the Lite or Essentials versions probably won't do the restore. I found this-

    Didn't try to download it to see what it is.

    I usually recommend the zip method Lucky Phil mentioned but I haven't always been successful with it and tech support isn't offering help on how to do it. I think it's because they/us don't know if a person really owns the files on the backup.
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