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Simultaneous burning - four disc array, four data sets

Hello. I am looking into the capabilities of Nero's burning software. I would specifically like to be able to burn four *different* sets of files to four burners simultaneously. I've seen mixed vague reports that something like this is possible through Nero's interface, but I would like to verify if it's true. Can any of Nero's software burn multiple sets of data to separate burners simultaneously, and if so, how many burners does it support? And can it burn BluRay (25G) discs. I tried to use the Customer Service contact form for this question, but the form sent me to a blank screen.
(this is for use in an academic archive setting, for anyone who is curious)
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  • Hi Andrea,
    >>>can it burn BluRay (25G)
    Yes, we support up to BDXL 100GB.
    >>>(this is for use in an academic archive setting
    Nero includes also a command line feature that allows you to burn stuff via scripts.
    >>>be able to burn four *different* sets of files
    I think this is possible. If you get in touch with our business sales I am sure they can provide you with a serial number for testing:
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  • Hi Andrea,

    I'm Isabel from the Nero sales team.

    Nero Burning ROM ís able to burn one compilation to up to 32 disc recorders in parallel. This works for sure from one project instance (e.g. burn one Audio CD to 32 disc recorders simultaneously)

    You can also open several projects simultaneously (e.g. an Audio CD compilation, a data disc compliation, etc.) and need to specify/select the accordimg recorder per compilation.
    With such pre-conditions you will be able to burn several projects to individual recorders in parallel.

    I cannot say how many recorders are supported for such a case. Internally we tried it with 3 recorders in parallel, and it worked fine for burning an Audio CD, a Data DVD, and Blu-ray Disc with 25GB.

    Nero Burning ROM can burn BD-R (25GB), BD-R DL (50GB), BD-RE (25GB), BD-RE (50 GB)

    I can make no statement of which combinations with different/more projects and higher data rates (e.g. when burning multiple Blu-ray Discs) work or do not work.

    For further information or questions please contact me under and I will get back to you.

    Kind regards
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