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Still can't figure this out, can anyone help a n00b??

When I talked to tech support about my specific DVD home player, the woman said mine plays MPEG-1. Does that mean it'll play MPEG-2? I don't get why mine aren't burning properly or at all.

If I'm using Nero Video, I need some step by step help. Or even step by step help with Burning Rom. Anyone help me please? Thanks.

Edit: I have my videos saved as .avi and .mp4. When I try to bring them up in Express, Nero doesn't recognize those extensions I guess.

Once it's been converted from .mp4 to .mpeg are the files not smaller then to burn to DVD?

I have a Sony DVD player - DVP-NS67P

Progressive Scan/DVD+RW+R/-RW/-R Playback

Another question - I'm using a DL DVD and when I put 2 videos (1 1/2 hrs. each both .mpg) it's saying I'm over on the burnable DVD? Why?
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