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The new Nero MediaHome 2018


I just installed Nero 2017 Platinum Suite. Works fine. But I'm not too happy with the NMH version that it comes with especially after reading the new features that comes with the new NMH 2018. I especially like the ability for the user to split the photo and videos as well as other types of media to their own folders.

Question: The NMH 2018 can be bought as a standalone and has on it's webpage the product named "Nero MediaHome unlimited 2018". Is this the same version that comes with the Nero 2018 Platinum Suite?

Question: In future upgrades, especially for NMH, will my existing folders be carried forward to the new upgrades? I am asking because I seem to have several versions of NMH. I currently have Nero 10, 2014 and 2017 Platinum Suites installed. I uninstalled an old one but I'm not sure which version. I currently have the NMH 2017 version.

In my user\Appdata\Local folder I have two folders named Nero and Nero_AG. Are my NMH data stored in one of the folders?

Is there a NMH user guide or manual in PDF?

Thank you.

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  • Hello Cmaker3-

    In regards to NMH, the unlimited appears to have all the features associated with NMH if you purchase v2018 Platinum bundle. However, if you go to the website right now, there is a pop-up for a v2018 Platinum for only $48 US. That's only $18 more than the price for the standalone NMH.

    In regards to installing a new version, I don't think your settings are retained. I'm not sure which folders you're referring to because NMH searches your entire system for all folders containing media by default. I recommend changing that and manually adding folders containing media that you access most frequently. However, I think the feature to copy your Library and all settings to your hard drive so that you can retrieve them and reinstall them, is in your version of NMH. Open, Options and look in MediaHome to see if that option is there. I'm not positive the option is in MediaHome because I'm not on my system with the latest NMH. I'll get to it in a few.

    Those two folders you mentioned do contain some of the NMH data.

    If you have Win 10, you can click on KnowHow in NMH to access the help file.
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