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I’m confused

Thinking about upgrading my Nero software, but Nero Upgrade says its pirated?

I purchased a DVD Burner, and it came with Nero 8 Essentials. I used the Nero Serial Finder and attempted to see what it would take to upgrade it. (I use LightScribe a lot and hoped to get a newer version of the software.) When I tried to look for an upgrade, I was told I have a pirated copy.

I don't understand how this could be, considering I purchased the hardware brand new. My computer is the only computer that this software has been installed on.

Is there something going on with the Essentials version that makes Nero think it isn't legit?

I know Nero 8 Essentials is an older version, but the only other version I have is Nero 9 Essentials, but I can't print LightScribe with it.

The Disc:

Nero Serial Finder Info:

Thank you in advance for your insight and assistance.
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