Trial download has corrupted original

I should have known better. I downloaded the trial of Burning Rom 15. After seeing that it was no better than my version 10, I uninstalled. Now my version 10 will not open. I am really fed up with this company and this software, but the sad thing is I am really disgusted with myself because I knew better. Could someone please direct me to the last updated version of Burning Rom 10? It took me forever to straighten up the last mess this software got me into I only hope I can get version 10 running again.
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  • That's strange. I just installed 2015 Platinum on two different computers which also have the Nero 10 suite and there were no ill effects on v10.

    I'll assume you have a 64 bit system.

    If you go here-

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 10\Nero Burning ROM

    Is the nero.exe file there? Try right clicking on it and selecting Run as Administrator.

    Does that work?

    For the download, go here-

    Click on Nero Burning Rom (it's not identified as BR 10 but that's what it is). Go near the bottom of the page. Enter your e-mail address and then Download.
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