Unable to install MediaHome 4 that came with my LG DVD Player

I had lost the disc that came with my DVD player, so I downloaded the trial version of MediaHome, but cancelled the install half way through because I found a downloadble version for LG users. But the install doesn't finish - says there were hours and it rolls back. Tell me to use the "clean tool" but the link it provides doesn't take it to the clean tool. Have tried installing 5 times now.
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  • I don't know where you found a copy of the Nero MediaHome 4 trial version. Don't confuse it with Nero MediaHome that replaced Kwik Media.

    If you still have your serial number, you can go here and download the update for NMH 4-


    If this is the same computer that you originally had NMH 4 on, the serial number should still be in the registry and NMH 4 should pick up on it automatically.

    When you install it using your serial number, you will still have an Essentials version.
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