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video audio syhro problem using nero

I bought nero many times. But I won't buy it again. Because, it useless for burning bluray. When I burn bluray with a video file using nero, everytime happening audio video syncro problem. I read all the answers about this subject. But, this poblem does'nt happen if I use Cyberling power producer or other burning tools software.
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  • My problem is system wide, so I can't access any write functions on the bluray, despite Windows displaying it as a BD-RW drive. I've updated the firmware on the MB and BD drive but still have had no luck. I've tried Daemon Tools and Nero with the same result. The next thing I'm going to try is an alternate SATA port and a dedicate power cable going to the PSU... Failing that, I'll try plugging the drive into one of my other systems.
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