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Video compression ??

I have put 87 Gb of video files onto Nero advanced movie and finished up with a completed movie file of 4GB. Does this sound correct ? These were MP4 files.

Russell H
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  • Russell,

    I exported the Nero Flower Meadow sample as a 4K video with 5.1 audio. Then, I exported that 4K file as a TV Widescreen video with stereo sound. The 4K video is about 48 times bigger than the TV Widescreen video:

    Have you checked the duration of the output file? The source resolution? The output resolution? Any details?

    Video Issues

    In most cases, it is helpful to provide information on the problem source video. Probably the easiest way to provide detailed data on a video is to paste the data from the clipboard after following instructions in topic Use MediaInfo in Your Browser. Alternatively, uploading a video to one of the cloud services and pasting a link to the file enables others to download the file and try to replicate the issue.
    It never hurts to also indicate:

    • The Nero application title and version.
    • The Windows version.
    • Graphics device
    • Project screenshots if applicable
    • Screenshots of error dialogs, if applicable
    • Output video parameters, such as format, resolution, quality, etc.

    For recent versions of Nero, official support can be obtained directly from Nero:
    Support Issues
    Help with issues involving recent Nero versions can be obtained directly from Nero by using the email contact form at Technical Support via e-mail. This requires a valid product serial number which has the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (8 groups of 4 characters/digits separated by dashes. Note: The serial number will not have the letter 'O'. Since this is a public forum, DO NOT post your serial number. If your serial number is not accepted, use the contact form at Nero Customer Service.
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