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Video Loss of Quality

When I upload my video file into nero 2015 video the file appears fine and plays in the high definition it was shot in. However when I click next and click into the create dvd screen the video when played has lost it's high definition quality? Am I missing something as the settings are fine because the video plays originally in its high definition. Help!!
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  • Hi Mark,
    DVD's are inherently lower definition than some HD video input files, so you will lose an amount of picture resolution.

    In other words, if you want excellent looking results you would probably need a burner that is able to burn Blu Ray discs and create a Blu Ray instead.

    Having said that, there are options to achieve the best possible picture quality given the resolution restrictions of the DVD format.

    Some options to try are discussed in this older thread:
    • I've used nero for years, out of laziness I haven't searched out different software thinking I won't gain that much. I was wrong. I know every feature, every function. I'm here to tell you nero is very poor DVD video quality. It does marginal with bluray. The only reason I even keep using nero is it's one redeeming feature and that is you can insert your own chapters. No subtitles, no multiple audio, pathetic menu. Because it's digital I wanted DVDs to have at least the quality of the original, not even close. It's not from lack of knowledge, there's very little I don't know about resolution, format, codecs, rendering settings. Nero's lack of quality is in the software
    • It shouldn't make any difference but which version of Nero are you using?

      Are you changing any of the default Recording Format options? I mean, it's going to be 720x... at best. Not as good if the original video has a lower resolution.
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