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I’m frustrated after several hours

Video_ts (and finalize disc)

For the videorecorder I need a video_ts file. I have a .wmv or .MP4 file. I saw that with Nero burning rom the file can be converted. But that has a limit of 2GB. The file is larger (3GB).

An other given solution is: video_ts is a DVD-Video.
Open Nero Video and select DVD, DVD-Video. Import your file. Keep clicking on Next until you get to the burn screen. Burn to DVD.
But then I got nof video_ts but another format. I saw a message with PAL and something like NTSC (?). Do I have to make their another choice?

And do I need to make a choice in Nero Video that I want to finalize the disc? The disc have to be finalized. Only then it can be read in de videorecorder.
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