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WaveEditor Audio Format Settings

In the "Audio Format Settings" there are 3 tabs (Decoders, Encoders, and Convertors).

The plug-ins in the Decoders tab can not be configured. And there are buttons to move the plug-ins up and down.

The plug-ins in the Encoders tab can be configured.

The plug-in in the Convertors tab is called "Ahead audio RAW convertor", and can have its quality configured to either "Playback" or "Other purposes".

What do the decoders do?

What is the purpose of the button to move the decoders up or down? Does that have any effect on what decoders are used by WaveEditor?

What do the encoders do?

What does the convertor do?

Does the quality setting for the "Ahead audio RAW convertor" effect the sound of the audio file when it is played back in WaveEditor? Or does that effect the quality of the saved file?
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    The only person I know that could give you a detailed explanation of some of your questions no longer participates in the forum. Nero technical support doesn't support WaveEditor.

    I 'll give you my take on some of the things. Anyone else who wants to jump in with more information is certainly welcome.

    The decoders decompress a file you open or insert for editing purposes. The encoders allow you to convert the file to either the original or a different format and compress it.

    I don't know the purpose of being able to move the decoders around unless one routinely uses a particular file format and frequently wants to change the Artist/Title Information source since most of the decoders don't have the Configure option.

    I also don't know when the convertor is used. Since it's a RAW converter, I guess WaveEditor sometimes creates RAW files and allows one to convert them to a audio format. The RAW file doesn't have a header for playback information so I'm guessing that's why it has the Playback option. Not sure what the other option is for.
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