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What happened to the Nero Menu's ?

At home I have a collection of self-compiled music DVD's (about 47 or so) each with between 20 and 40 music videos.
Yesterday I put one of those DVD's into my PS4 with a view to watching some of those music videos. But the disc wouldn't play. After a struggle the PS4 eventually told me that it was an 'Unrecognised Disc'.
Strange, since I've played this disc many times on the PS4.
I tried my DVD Player instead and the disc played on that device.
However, the original Nero Menu (in this case 'Classic Frames' was my choice) has disappeared and what I was looking at was the DVD Player's own Menu system. The disc played OK but I'm wondering what could have happened to the original Nero Menu and why the PS4 rejected the disc.
Also, my PC will not play the disc.
This is what I see when I put the disc into the PC - see screenshots.
Thing is, I know there is something on the disc because, as I say, it plays on the DVD Player, at least for now.
Anyone any ideas ?
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