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I’m feeling now very satisfied

What is the meaning actually flags ?

For some time, posts are marked with flags. Maybe because their importance or the reference to the content of the post seems to be quite clear. But this is not so, in any case the allocation appears to be fairly arbitrary. A few examples:
-There were problems with "not a problem" marked (maybe the question could be interpreted as by someone). and so completed the episode, they are not more workable, but no responses and/or comments may be added or changed
-It were marked with "Solved" problems, that contain even no clearly discernible solution included or they just several solutions. Its on users side how would interprete. These are sources of confusion.
-the majority of questions that were marked with "Answered" contained several answers, which now considered final reply of which or
-the post contained no responses at all but only supplementing questions
-There are also questions, which are flagged by "Doesn't need answer". You have then neither the posibility to replies nor comments. With other words, they are disabled
- although "Solved" resp. "Answered" mark a conclusion of this case you can replies and comments. that's not logical.
Only few examples of much more. And they affect all areas of the community, including FAQs and COMMON PROBLEMS. A joke is to characterize these as highlights in these circumstances.
I think it is unreasonable for the user, that they themselves must rummage through such a mess, if they are looking for help in the flagged posts under just now total "only" 291 posts. How are this once within a few hundred or thousand posts ?

Anyway, here the questions relating to this theme
- Who allocates these flags, is responsible for its correctness?
- What are the criteria for the allocation and placement of the flags? (It can surely not be, that every legitimate can decide in its sole discretion).
- How are these flags maintained ?

There are but a general rule. At end the user alone is able to decide, whether a question is definitively answered or a solution has solved his problem definitely. However, this requires a final processing of the response (with reference to the specifications) or the solution (how to). But this does not exist up to now in any of the flagged posts.

Because such measures do not even begin showing in the flagged posts, the suspicion is close to, that some people have discovered new options from Get Satisfaction and now playing a little bit with them (maybe to improve their experience), but this without at first to develop an application concept and the above-mentioned requirements, and the worst, they do this without informing the user about resp. without consultation with the authors of the posts. Anyway, a bad start and it is a truism, what once started as patchwork, remains always patchwork.

I am no longer willing to support under such circumstances, especially since I can provide only support up to Nero 12.5. I was once pointed out, that the community is intended primarily to support Nero 2014, here the original note:
"The Focus of the Forum is on Nero 2014 products. All posts related to Nero 12, Nero 11 and older are supposed to be added to "Nero - Previous Versions"."
So, because I should watch and use anyway something, that will never be installed on my system (because I don't need it) I am not able to support in this area.

And a further reason. I have also the impression that no cooperation between the few "old voluntaries" (which currently bear the brunt of the support as before in the old forums) and the Nero epmloyees takes place in recent time. On the contrary, these meddle often, where it would be not necessary instead starting the support immediately when new posts are opened. One knows, - many cooks spoil the mush.

So this will my final last post be on this community. There will also be no responds and more comments from me to other posts, where I was involved, as well as no responses or comments to my own posts, including this one.

Thanks to all my "collegues" who have supported me during this 5 years fight against the deficiencies of this "wonderful" Nero world.

To them, I wish all the best for the future.

It was really an adventurous time, - sometimes, when I was feeling like Don Quichotte with his fighting against windmill wings. And sometimes it was looking like comedy resp. tragedy.

So now, BYE-BYE (with a tiny little tear in the button hole)
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