Where are the Nero people ?

This forum now exists now since one month. From this time on posts were publsihed, including currently 20 of the category Problem (first a month ago). Most of them require activities of the here supporting Nero people. But until know only total 18 (!) replies exist of 2 employees. The other supporting replies come from volunteers (who supported on the old forum) or users.

This is not the service which users are expecting here. This service must be improved.

It is unacceptable that the customer support is available practically only by volunteers and users, as previously on the old forum.

To confirm the presence of the Nero support, any topic of the category Problem should be hamdled by the Nero TS and this should be confirmed at least by a flag or by a comment unless the problem is treated, an information request or a comment or a comment/supplement to solution proposals already from users or delivered to volunteers.

Nero is responsible for ensuring, that the promise on the "green flag" not remains no more than just empty words.

make this to reality please !
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