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Why black stripes add automatically?

I have a video which recorded by photo camera. It has 4:3 aspect ratio format and very low resolution. I need this video uploaded on Youtube, but there is the process which manage videos and it changes my video automatically to 16:9 aspect ratio and picture that looks stretched.
I Asked about that in the Google forums, the answer was I need change resolution to recommended. I did it but did not receive successful result, the picture remained stretched after video was upload. Then decided to change this video manually, I did add stripes in Nero Video, but when it makes a file, Nero add other horizontal stripes like Youtube did too. Why so happens?

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  • The picture is not stretched, therefore you get the black bars on the left and the right. It seems as if you have created a 16:9 project.

    You could try to change the aspect ratio in the movie options window, which you can find in the menu in the upper right corner of your editing window.

    Note: If you have an HD basic project (1280x720) or higher, there is only the 16:9 aspect ratio available.
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