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Works, doesn't work, works, doesn't work.....

I don't know if my Nero media has mood swings or a split personality, but it will work great for weeks, no burn issues, then all of a sudden stops. It's always the same issue according to the reports: Power Calibration, illegal disc, error 3. I have DVD Flick just as a back-up for when it gets temperamental, because with DVD Flick, the discs I use (+R's) are not ruined if there is a power calibration error. Ironically, after using DVD Flick, I go back to Nero (usually having 2-3 failures before switching to Flick) and there is no problem. It seems like the system is screaming, "You left us!" "Come back in! I'll work for you!" Then all of a sudden, it stops working and I try the same pattern with Flick, go back to Nero, etc. This has happened half a dozen times. Ironically, I have better issue with cheaper media (Dynex) and the recent batch of Verbatum's I bought have had issues. This happened with a batch of Verbatum's once before which then decided to start working. My question is basically has this happened with anybody else, and what did you do to get Nero working consistently? I think sometimes I might be doing too many projects at once so it could just be tired, but I'm using the same external burner for both Nero and Flick.
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