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How to share arbitrary URL to blurblog from iOS?
Is there a way to share a URL to your blurblog via mobile app? There have been a few times I've wanted to do this but didn't see a way...
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Allow comments on shared items with no comments
Allow comments on shared items that weren't shared with a comment. I know that this was a design decision you made to try and keep the in...
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Allow for comments on a shared post that does not have a comment
It seems that if someone you follow has shared something to their blublog without a comment it does not seem like you can add your own co...
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Accidentally mark feed as read on iOS
On the iOS Feed List swiping a feed to the left will mark everything in the feed as read. I have accidentally activated this action a few...
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Blurblogs Unread/All Toggle?
This is probably on your list anyways but i couldn't find it here so just in case :)
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Drag-and-drop feed order
It looks like this has been touched upon in previous requests, but it would be *really* great to have the ability to place feeds in any o...
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Add tagging to feeds and stories
Hi, It would be great if we could add personnal tags to feeds and stories, all the more for untagged feeds. Thanks
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Sharing Bookmarklet No Longer Works
The sharing bookmarklet does not work. Each and every time I use the bookmarklet, it reports: "Sorry, but there was an error trying to sh...
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Add arbitrary (e.g. in markdown or plaintext format) content to the blurblog
It would be nice to be able to share arbitrary content on the blurblog kinda of like (I know you must be sick of hearing this) the old Go...
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Reply to uncommented share
Courtney Stanton brought this up around the launch of social. When someone shares a story without typing remarks, there's no way to reply...
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