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XSS Allowed from some posts
I've just noticed that people can get XSS to run inside newblur. The contents of the Spam Comment on a blog post was: "><img src=x onerr...
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MSDN Blogs seem broken
I cannot get a feed from any of the MSDN blogs at the moment. For example: http://blogs.m...
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Issues with Feed
Hi, I cannot get any news from my local newspaper's RSS feed on NewsBlur. Google Reader managed with it for a long time. The URL I ...
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Windows Phone 8
Is there any chance of a Windows Phone 7/8 app? Is there a third party app for Windows Phone 7/8 that syncs with NewsBlur that I may be ...
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A few teething issues
I have a few problems with NewsBlur at the moment: 1. QC RSS not showing latest story. I have a subscription to http://www.questiona...
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