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Adding Twitter feeds
Add Twitter feeds automatically; currently you can't just click + and paste in '', you have to know the exact...
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Blogs that use "pre" tag rendered unreadably
I read programming blogs which frequently show code snippets inside <pre> tags, where linebreaks and spacing should be preserved (and the...
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Can we have a "Google Reader Style Keyboard Shortcuts" option, etc.?
I would like to be able to use "m" as the shortcut key to "toggle read/unread". Yeah, this is to be more like how Google Reader does i...
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Please, change your logo. It hurts my eyes. Thank you.
Perhaps your logo was good enough when your website was less popular, but now that you have all the google reader expatriates, you might ...
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Worst alternative to G Reader yet
This is a piece of s**t. I just paid 24$ for nothing. Doesn't update properly, doesn't import properly, doesn't mark as read properly. ...
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