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Dark theme
I created my own Stylish customization for Google Reader ( because I prefer reading over darker ...
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Windows Phone 8
Is there any chance of a Windows Phone 7/8 app? Is there a third party app for Windows Phone 7/8 that syncs with NewsBlur that I may be ...
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Color for the new layout
While the new layout is genuinely awesome especially in terms of speed, it does get a little bland and hard to distinguish after a while....
  • Robert Wawrzyniak, 7 years ago

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iPad Client!
I have the iPhone client on my iPad, and it does the job well, but I it would be twice as awesome if it didn't have to be uglified by the...
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Mac app
What's the timeline on a native Mac app for newsBlur? I thought if you'd develop an iPad version of the NewsBlur app, you should basicall...
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