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Color indicators for training don't work for people who see only in grayscale or use their phones in grayscale mode. When training an art...
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Cannot delete feeds with iPad app
I cannot delete feeds using the iPad app. After choosing to delete a feed, I get the spinning progress wheel and a "Deleting..." message ...
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Android: Mark as read while reading
A nice feature on the Android app would be to mark items as read as you scroll through the feed. Similar to what happens on the web. A...
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Feeds showing up unread despite being read seconds ago.
Since yesterday I am seeing that a lot of feeds show multiple articles as unread (new) despite having been read. Can't see a pattern, but...
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Items not marked as read unless I stop scrolling
Articles do not get marked as read unless the red dorito stops when I'm scrolling. This means that all the boring items I just scroll thr...
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