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Really wish there was a way to move feeds in the Android app just like the desktop app or a way to specify where a new feed will go to. ...
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Styling Newsblur
I would like to have an option for user-generated themes. I love the idea behind newsblur, but cannot become happy with its interface. A ...
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Global training.
Once again, back to the global training. Was the reply "There's issues around building a good UI to make global tags, surfacing which t...
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train a story globally
When i train a story it takes effect only for current feed. It would be more interesting to highlight trained stories in other feeds. For...
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Google Reader sync
Google Reader sync would be awesome. Google Reader seems to be the standard for feed syncing, and it would make NewsBlur compatible with ...
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Restore default sort order
This is a really minor thing, but it seems that once you've toggled the direction to sort an individual feed it is no way to return it to...
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Tablet pen accessibility
I recently got a graphics tablet and found that the sidebar is not very pen-friendly. The slightest drag moves the feed outside of its fo...
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