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A way to save to Newsblur's "saved stories"?
Hi Samuel! Love the service - very happy with my premium account! The only additional thing I'd ever want out of the service is a way to...
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Save to Read Later - What I Do
I have 140 feeds. I work in a place with a strict net nanny so that I cannot always get to the target item in a browser window and don't...
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Send-to-NewsBlur browser plugin
it would be great if I can "save-for-later" any website, which will then appear as a NewsBlur feed. Integration with products like Poc...
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My Penny Arcade feed isn't pulling stories
My Penny Arcade site ( isn't updating in NewsBlur. The RSS feed itself seems to be upd...
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A feed hasn't updated in 4 months in Newsblur, but it is up to date in feedly
This feed: is shown as last updated on 8/13/15. Feedly shows updates from today using the exac...
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