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Flat & Clean GUI style
I'm new to NewsBlur, and really like its features but I just can't used to its design. There are good parts, but still it needs some poli...
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Feed disappeared
The Daring Fireball feed disappeared from my subscription list (username: biocs), and I did not delete it. After a day or two I was wonde...
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Text is bold everywhere
I suspect this is a Chrome browser issue. I first noticed it on a single computer that I access Newsblur from. Now it has propagated to a...
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Styling Newsblur
I would like to have an option for user-generated themes. I love the idea behind newsblur, but cannot become happy with its interface. A ...
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Hide the author
Hi! I would like to have the option to hide the author of a article in the article list of a feed. For me, the authors name is useles...
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