• Shared Story Counts wrong, feeds are empty.

    … /subscribe to (2 users and "The People Have Spoken"). Both of the user feeds have an unread count of 2. The People Have Spoken has an unread … , then click the "Mark All As Read" button (I guess that is what you would call it, there is no tooltip so I have to guess), then do the same on the next feed. This happens on the web version and the iPhone version … (2015-09-03)

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  • Wrong feed after GReader import

    I used the Google Reader import and it seems NewsBlur picked the _comments feed_ for a few blogs instead of the article feed that I subscribe to in Reader. I just thought, I'd mention it... (2011-10-24)

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  • wrong feed when add a new site

    … what i expected, because the learn...-adress are podcasts only. maybe newblur should prefer the main rss feed marked on the sites source code (2013-08-29)

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    • … possibly something about feed:// makes this go wrong. I tried to add site from feedburner link and added http:// instead of feed:// and worked properly. To be honest, this is the first time I saw someting like feed://, maybe Newsblur system doesn't coded to recognize it. And possibly … (2013-08-29)
  • Subscribing to feed adds wrong feed to subscription list.

    … it shows back up in my subscriptions list as "Comments for Inspiredology". I wondered if the feed was just messed up so I pulled it down and examined it, I can't find any of the items that are showing in NewsBlur in the actual news feed so I believe NewsBlur is adding the wrong feed (the comments feed) to my subscriptions even though I'm giving it a different … (2011-11-15)

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  • Wrong feeds being displayed in a group

    … days. When I click on one group of feeds, sometimes while going down the list items from a different group will start being displayed instead. See the following … , with only items from MLKSHK currently unread, when before reaching the end of all items the feeds from the "Game News" group start being displayed … (2013-08-23)

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  • show wrong feeds count

    … (more than 300) for free account.then I delete all feeds.today I import some feeds less than 64.when I hit the icon ang … (2013-06-10)

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  • Import from reader: wrong feeds

    … up for a new premium account using "import from reader", and seem to have gotten someone else's feeds (someone norwegian by the looks of it). How should I proceed? Is there an easy way to clear all my feed subscriptions and try the import … (2013-03-31)

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  • Pulling the wrong feed

    http://ericlippert.com/feed/ is pulling some other MSDN feed, not the right feed. Thanks. (2013-04-07)

  • Import from Reader sometimes imports the wrong feed URLs.

    … has changed the URLs to many of the feeds I'm subscribed to, sometimes switching to "Comments for X" instead of the "X" feed. Is it possible to fix this and re-import all my feeds from Reader? I don't want to check … (2013-04-11)

  • Wrong feed imported from Google Reader

    I imported this feed from Google Reader: http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/r... , instead I get the NY Times home page. Not what I had or wanted. (2013-04-08)

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