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[Feeds] Feeds are disappearing

I have the following structure:

-> Sub-Folder of relevant topic


Movies & Films
-> Strictly Reviews

Within these subfolders, I have a series of feeds. However, i have been neglecting my reader for 2 days, and have amassed ~340 feeds. When I logged in today, all Sub-Folders only contain 1, or in some cases 0, links. They have all disappeared.

I find that whenever NewsBlur has to handle a lot of feeds, it:

1) Takes ~3 minutes to load all the feeds
2) Feeds disappear
3) The same feeds cycle over-and-over and are only fixed by a [Shift] + Refresh

However, lately, feeds have just been dropping off the face of the earth, such as:

Boston The Big Picture
TED Videos

Account: ocWavean
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